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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Look Of The Day

There's no rhyme or reason to why i wore this today...I was passing out flyers for Team Challenge Vegas Half Marathon and I wanted to be comfortable since I was hopping in and out of the car in the hot hotness of CLT : / The flyer passing out went well, I think it's because I was like an animal out there! Fearless :)
Shirt- Zara
Shorts- Joe's Jeans
Sndals- Zara
Bag- Zara
Glasses- Persol

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Look Of The Day

I'm loving the 60's and 70's boho feel for the summer. Any excuse to wear crop tops and comfy shorts and shirts is a plus for me :)

Shirt- Reformed
Skirt- H&M
Shoes- Mossimo
Earrings- Forever 21 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Maintenance Issues...

Like anything else that you, house, computer...your shoes need maintenance :) There's nothing worse than a cute pair of heels that you can hear coming a mile away "click, click, click, click". That drives me crazy! If you love your shoes like I do, your taps will wear down and you have to get them replaced.

Some shoes come with replacements so that they'll match perfectly! Take your shoes to the repair shop in the department store that you bought them from and they can put the replacements on while you shop. If your shoes don't come with replacements, or if you got them from a store that doesn't have a shoe repair, go to your local shoe repair shop and they can match the tap to your shoes as best they can and you'll pay like $7. Easy fix!

Obsessive Usage!

Whether you have long, short, curly or straight hair, you need to moisturize and condition to avoid breakage and damage. I put repair conditioner on the ends of my hair EVERY NIGHT and sleep with a bun. In the am, I have beachy waves that are so cute for the summer! AVOID HEAT...flatiron your hair only when you HAVE to (going out, special events etc.) Otherwise, go for waves, buns, twists and natural curls to promote growth.

This is the conditioner that I use nightly...I got it from Marshall's for like $10.