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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Current Obsession!!

I love playing around with my nail color and different designs. I usually get an OPI gel manicure. I love it because it lasts until your nails grow out (2 weeks), never chips, and once you're finished, there's no waiting for it to dry! A few coats of the gel is painted on, the gel sets using a UV lamp. I generally end up painting glitter over it or putting designs on after a few days.

I started out with grey gel polish. A few days later, I put some Konad designs over the grey. A few days after that, I painted Sephora It's Bouquet With Me glitter top coat on the nails that didn't have designs. 

*It's been more than two weeks now and my nails have grown out. Time to get the gel soaked off and redone.*

Monday, January 10, 2011

I. Love. Aspen.

My first trip to Aspen was amazing...I'm supposed to be leaving today but the weather is a mess everywhere so it's looking like I may be stuck in Colorado. That's not a bad thing, it's a lot of fun here!

Not so much to write about, just pictures :)

The view is best from the top!

The slopes are so beautiful. I had so much fun skiing but I paid the price the next day. I'm so sore now :(

It snowed like crazy on the last day!

I loved all of the shops that lined the streets, Aspen is such a cute town. 

Look Of The Day

The weather in Aspen was great, everyone was friendly, shopping was amaaazing, food was delish!