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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Working Out When you Can

I hate to hear people say they don't have time to workout ok, true, people are busy and I'm not the busiest person ever BUT, of it's important to you, you'll find the time! When you have an hour lunch and it only takes you 20 minutes to eat, when your kid is at dance class, whatever. Take a walk, do some jumping jacks, just get your heart rate up!

So little A, who's 7 now, is at tennis practice and I just finished the 100 Workout. It took me about 25 minutes and now I don't feel bad about what I ate at the Fair last night 😊

I got this workout from @beautifulbosom's Instagram

Hope you guys can find time to sneak in a workout every day!

Email Me!

So I just noticed that there's no email address or way to contact me other than writing a comment or searching for my facebook page so I've added an email link. In the headed, "Email Me" is a link so you can send questions or whatever. I've also added on the right side, an easier way to follow me. You can now follow my email instead of having to create a blogger account or whatever that nonsense was. Hope this makes life easier! (first world problems)

I'll leave you with some random pics. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, I post pics on there daily: GStarMi

Hanging out in Daytona Beach, Fl. I was there for NDA Championship. My bff is the coach for UNC Charlotte's dance team. Click HERE to watch their Ninja inspired hop hop. Love this dance <3

I love cucumber water, I add lemon to it too.
It's so refreshing, plus you get a cucumber snack when you're finished drinking! 

I bought 2 of these jewelry boxes at TJ Maxx like 6 months ago and finally go around to thinking of using them. I still haven't actually put anything in them, or hung so lazy. I will soon though because my current situation is full. THIS is be my next jewelry box to go along with the pretty white ones.

I went to Enso and the movies to see Wrath of The Titans this day. If you were following me on Instagram, you would've already see this pic :)  
Taking pictures in the movies is permitted if you are vain ;)

These are the shoes I wore that I love. Some day I'll take a better pic...better yet, I'll just link a better pic.
They're Juicy Couture and named Fredo. 

I got these 2 from CVS> The lip stain smells so fruity and yum and has a lip balm at the other end so you won't have dry stained lips, not cute. It's in the color Crave. The lip butter is like chapstick with tint so it's reaslly smooth and doesn't have the nasty lipstick taste. It's in the color Sugar Plum.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Look Of The Day!

I've been enjoying spring soooo much these past few weeks. It's my favorite season because of the weather, wearing shorts and skirts, wine/lunch dates with my friends and my birthday :)

I went to the local TV station the other day to watch my bf do an interview. They did the interview outside because it was so nice out. We went to E2 for dinner afterwards and it was so yum! I got shrimp and grits and ate the cornbread and the rolls ;) I like the atmosphere in there, we had a great waiter named Charles and the wait staff are all dressed in cute flannel and gingham shirts with jeans. I'll def be back soon. Here's what I wore.

Pants- I dunno the brand but I got them at Anthropologie
Shirt- Zara
Shoes- Chinese Laundry 

Glasses- Carrera
Necklace- H&M

Watch- Michael Kors
Rings- Forever 21, Francesca's