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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What I Did On Saturday...

Saturday was rainy, cloudy and miserable so I legit didn't leave the house. I started the day by watching tv, when that got old, I blinged out my one of my phone cases and my old iPod until I ran out of rhinestones. After I ran out of stones, I grabbed all of my nail stuff and went to work. First, I soaked off my gel. If you wanna know how I do it the fast and easy way (to avoid being charged at the salon), leave a comment and I'll make a post about it. When my gel was gone, I went to This Blog for some ideas. I had lots of time to kill so I just practiced all of the designs that I liked. Doing my left hand was easy but the right side ended up looking like crap! Next time, I'll start with doing the right side so I can take my time and redo it when I mess up. This is a Saturday afternoon time-killer when ambidexterity would've come in handy. I am virtually handicapped in my left hand...I can't even snap with my left hand wtf! Anyway, this is what I ended up with.

*I will label the one's that I did with my left hand...not that you won't be able to tell!

*Disclaimer- people WILL think you are 12 years old if you do your mails like this. If you don't care (like me), proceed. Or maybe you could just do it on your daughter or little cousin. That way, you can use your right hand the whole time and it will turn out great. I think if I had used more neutral colors, and stuck to just one or two designs it wouldn't have looked so tween-ish.

Here's a little bear napping
A yummy cupcake :) 
This heart is my favorite design, the other is a tie dye effect 

An arrow

This bow is my proudest left hand accomplishment and I had to do it twice to end up with this! 

This is the rest of the mess that I did with my left hand, really sad

Just a shot of all of my right hand's accomplishments!