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Thursday, October 13, 2011

My DC Fall Wishlist...

I'm headed to DC tomorrow and I have a wish list of things that I don't want to buy online (because I don't want to wait for them to come) and I haven't found in the stores around here. Btw, this is a modified list to keep me from overspending...things like accessories and things that I happen upon and have to have are not listed :) I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I find everything on my list!

1. Black Everything- This fall I'm really into black head to toe with a pop of color or pattern here or there. Of course, this is kind of a cop out but I really like the way it looks. I have 4 pairs of black jeans in different styles, black cords, leggings, skirts and tops that I'm having fun mixing and matching. I want more black because I'm sure I'll keep wearing this style into winter!

                                    Revolve Clothing

2. Pink ballet flats- I'm in love with these Repettto lambskin ballet flats in nude. I really want these particular ones but I don't want to pay $255 for them. I want to find some that are exactly the same because eventually I will break down and buy them if I don't find some that are PERFECT!
Repetto Ballet Flats
3. Navajo Scarf- I'm liking navajo print for the fall and I think I want mine to be a second option would be a chunky knit sweater. I'm not as concerned with the color or style of the scarf so I'm sure i'll find one that I like.
Navajo Blanket Print Scarf

4. Maxi Dress- Most of my maxi dresses are sleeveless or strapless and I'll pair them with chunky sweaters into fall. I want to get a patterned long sleeved maxi dress that I can wear with vests and boots.

Tucker Floor Length Dress

5. Platforms- I want to channel the 70's in the perfect pair of platforms. I have one pair that I love wearing out because they stay comfy all night and make me 5 inches taller :)
Report Signature 
Steven by Steve Madden

Lucky Brand

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

If You Only Have 3 Minutes, Do 5 Things

I love putting on makeup just as much as the next girl but sometimes (most of the time) I'm running very late and only have a few minutes to do my makeup before I run out of the house. When I only have 3 minutes, these are the 5 essentials that make a difference.

1. Foundation- Creme foundation or tinted moisturizer is best because you can apply it quickly with a brush or your fingers

2. Neutral creme shadow- A neutral can be in any color family, pink, purple, brown, blue, green, as long as it's light and sheer with a little sheen to brighten your eyes

3. Eyeliner- I generally use a liquid or pencil when i'm in a rush. I like the liquid liner with a small felt tip because it gives the most control for detailed lining (you can do a think or thin line without doing more than one pass)

4. Mascara- I'm all about using mascara on the top and bottom lashes because it opens up your eyes, especially if you have brown or blonde eyelashes

5. Neutral lipgloss- I like neutral lipgloss because if it smears or starts to come off, it's not noticeable

Here's the finished 3 minute look with my 5 essentials

Here are my 5 essentials
1. Benefit some kind-a gorgeous foundation in "deep"
    I use MAC 187SE stippling brush to apply the foundation
2. Benefit creaseless cream shadow/liner in "flatter me"
3. Palladio liquid eyeliner ELL274 "black shimmer"
4. DiorShow Iconic mascara 090 in "noir"
5. Sally Hansen natural butter lip shine in "nectar"

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Race For The Cure

On Saturday, I walked with my Mom and tons of friends from ZFL in the Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure. I would assume that most of you know what it is but just in case, it's an annual 5k and 1 mile race that benefits breast cancer research and education and brings together mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, gmas, gpas, daughters, sons, cousins and friends who have been affected by breast cancer and to honor those who have or had it.

We had some much fun running, walking and just enjoying each other's conversation. I decided I would make a few hair bows for all of the girls to wear to unite us (and to match our tshirts). Here are a few pics of how the bows turned out and that fun morning!

My mom and I showed up bright and early to walk for my Aunt, her sister Brenda!
My tights and shoes are Nike. My thermal is from Madewell, My bow is DIY :)

Helping my friend Byrd with her was early, I should've stopped at Starbucks too. 

Goofing around as usual...

Danielle (middle) is the owner of ZFL and brought us all together. Courtney (right) is one of my oldest friends, we met in the 2nd grade :)

Action shot of us celebrating after the race!

We brought it in for a group celebration!
And here I am squeezing the life out of my bestie Danielle! SO glad she brought us all together for a great cause.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fun With Face Paint!

Today was all rainy so we played with face paint. I did a clown on S, promising that she could pick something else tomorrow, and A picked a dragon :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Look Of The Day!

The Panthers game was lots of fun yesterday, even though we didn't win :( It was a good day and the best football weather, ever! I wore layers so that I could get cool while the sun was out. The sun came out and lasted about 10 min (everyone shed their layers), then the clouds covered up the sun for a great fall atmosphere.

Victoria's Secret is good for some things and their NFL gear is one of them! They have lots of cute T's and sweats and city has different gear depending on the closest team to that store. If you're a fan of a team outside of the area that you live, you can always order it here.

Shirt- Victoria's Secret
Waffle Shirt- Madewell
Jeans- 7 For All MAnkind
Shoes- Tom's
Bag- Gucci

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Look Of The Day!

I went to an amazing bridal shower today! My friend from college, Cece, is getting married next month (woot!). Her shower was at California Dreaming and the food was really yummy. We played games, ate cupcakes, opened presents and laughed, laughed, laughed! After the shower, we went shopping and had a fun time hanging out like old times :)
I like these huge flared jeans because I feel like I'm back in the 70's with my mama hangin out at the disco, hehe!

Shirt- Trina Turk
Jeans- Joe's Jeans
Sweater- Flying Tomato

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Look Of The Day

The weather is great here, mid 80's and breezy. Since it's technically not summer anymore, I try to wear outfits that are weather appropriate but transitional, like easing towards fall. Here's one of my summer dresses, paired with a denim shirt and belt for a little more coverage. You definitely don't want to look like you're holding onto summer...It'll be back, I promise!!

Dress- Soprano
Shirt- Zara
Belt- Madewell
Shoes- BCBG

Need A Little Soothing?

This post is for my girls, I know you guys can understand :)

Today is NOT the best day for me based on nature's guide to womanhood, grrrrr. Sometimes I just don't want to be overloaded with meds so my second best coping method is an old school heated water bottle. Mine is so cute and it's a Retro Ice Bag by Gal Pal. They are $16 but I got mine from TJ Maxx for about $5. The Container Store also has them for $12.99

You can put ice or hot water in it

Gal Pal has some other cute designs. Here are my three favs.

Of course, you could always call your grandma and ask to borrow hers, but it will look like this! Ha!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chapstick Makes The World Go 'Round!

I love chapstick (lip balm) because, who wants dry lips? That's never acceptable...especially all of you guys out there! No woman wants a man with crusty lips! I can't even tell you how much chapstick I use in one day but it's A LOT!! Therefor, I'm always buying new ones. I keep them in my car, my pockets, my gym bag, nightstand, makeup case...everywhere. Here are some that I like to use.

These EOS, Evolution of Smooth ones are my favs right now. They come in yummy flavors and have all sorts of goodness like SPF 15 to protect your luscious lips from harmful uv rays, phenol to help with itching and burning from dryness, shea butter, jojoba oil &vitamin E to lock in moisturize. I got two at Ulta but all the rest from CVS and Rite Aid. EOS products are gluten, paraben and petrolatum free, 95% organic and all natural...Love EOS!

The C.O. Bigelow chapsticks are from Bath and Body Works. I like to try them in different colors, sheens and flavors. My favorite is the Poppy Pink Mint. It's a matte finish, it's very moisturizing and tastes like mint. My least favorite is ironically the My Favorite Sports Balm. It has no smell or taste and it's a bit thick. It works well while i'm working out because I clip it to my water bottle or keys and it stays on the whole time (because it's so thick). The Softlips Cherry has a good smell and is very thin. I keep it on my nightstand and use it at night, even thought it has SPF 10. The Own Day Lip Treatment has SPF 10 also, rolls on more like lipgloss but has a light sheen. I just bought it and so far my only complaint is that it smells like lotion instead of chapstick :(

Look Of The Day

I went to the movies to see The Help. I thought it was pretty good. I read the book last year and naturally, the book was better. Anyway, I always need something to keep warm in the theater so I chose to wear this warm cotton cardigan over this silk shirt. The shirt is short-sleeved and has an embellishment on the sleeve that make the cardigan puffy. I don't really mind it because in the theater, I'm going for functionality. If you mind it, choose a cardigan that is loose fitting.

Jeans- 7 For All Mankind
Shirt- Wilfred
Cardigan- Limited
Belt- Madewell
Shoes- Sigerson Morrison

Friday, August 26, 2011

My Theory Obsession!

I just realized that I have an obsession with the brand Theory. Sometimes a certain brand just works for your body type and fits with your style, that's Theory for me. One reason that I love Theory is the fabrics that they use. All of these pieces are made of some combination of cotton, spandex, silk, linen and viscose. The shirts and tops of dresses are super soft and the bottoms are breezy which makes every piece so easy to wear. Here are a few of my favorites and how I wear them.

Dress- Theory
Belt- Zara
Shoes- Cooperative

Dress- Theory
Blazer- Theory
Shoes- Michael Kors

Dress- Theory
Shoes- Jessica Simpson

Dress- Theory
Shoes- Stuart Weitzman

Dress- Theory
Shoes- Vince Camuto

Dress- Theory
Shoes- Tony Lama

Dress- Theory
Shoes- Matisse

Shorts- Theory
Top- Old Navy
Cardigan- Martin + Osa
Shoes- Matisse

Dress- Theory
Shoes- Alexander McQueen

Dress- Theory
Shoes- Beverly Feldman
Hat- I got this on vacation in Columbia

Dress- Theory
Necklace- Madewell

Skirt- Theory
Top- Calipso St. Barth for Target
Belt- J. Crew
Shoes- Charles Jourdan