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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Chapstick Makes The World Go 'Round!

I love chapstick (lip balm) because, who wants dry lips? That's never acceptable...especially all of you guys out there! No woman wants a man with crusty lips! I can't even tell you how much chapstick I use in one day but it's A LOT!! Therefor, I'm always buying new ones. I keep them in my car, my pockets, my gym bag, nightstand, makeup case...everywhere. Here are some that I like to use.

These EOS, Evolution of Smooth ones are my favs right now. They come in yummy flavors and have all sorts of goodness like SPF 15 to protect your luscious lips from harmful uv rays, phenol to help with itching and burning from dryness, shea butter, jojoba oil &vitamin E to lock in moisturize. I got two at Ulta but all the rest from CVS and Rite Aid. EOS products are gluten, paraben and petrolatum free, 95% organic and all natural...Love EOS!

The C.O. Bigelow chapsticks are from Bath and Body Works. I like to try them in different colors, sheens and flavors. My favorite is the Poppy Pink Mint. It's a matte finish, it's very moisturizing and tastes like mint. My least favorite is ironically the My Favorite Sports Balm. It has no smell or taste and it's a bit thick. It works well while i'm working out because I clip it to my water bottle or keys and it stays on the whole time (because it's so thick). The Softlips Cherry has a good smell and is very thin. I keep it on my nightstand and use it at night, even thought it has SPF 10. The Own Day Lip Treatment has SPF 10 also, rolls on more like lipgloss but has a light sheen. I just bought it and so far my only complaint is that it smells like lotion instead of chapstick :(

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  1. I really do think the world would stop spinning if there were no more chapskick! lol