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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Madewell and I Will Marry Soon.

Ever since I was a child, I used the comeback "If you love (inanimate object) so much, why don't you marry it?!" Unfortunately for my friends, I still use it. Seeing as how, I don't want to be a hypocrite, I have decided that I should take my own advice...I love Madewell so much, that I should marry it. I hope that we will share this long journey called life together and be happy, as one, forever.

In honor of my love, I shall disclose that the Southpark Mall Madewell, in Charlotte, NC will be having an additional 30% off of all markdowns today, June 13. Yes, you heard me right! Madewell sale section is life for me, so I will be there tomorrow afternoon, getting all the good deals. If you are new to Madewell, this is a great chance to join the family of great clothes on your body! Put on a little makeup, do up your hair and everything you try on will look amazing. Seriously. If you go to try on clothes and you're lookin cray cray, you'll hate everything. If you look cute when you arrive, you'll feel good about what you see in the mirror. Works for me...just a little tip for people who claim to hate shopping.

You should be so excited and grateful because a friend of mine, who lives in New York, said that her local store NEVER has sales. She's originally from Charlotte and is considering moving back to Charlotte just because Madewell Southpark has sales all the time. I would too, it would be totally worth it. (ok, she didn't exactly say that, but it would probably be a smart move if you ask me!)

Typically I like to hide in the dressing room while trying on clothes but the girls (and guy) at Madewell are so cool, they'll make you wanna strut around because they are so complimentary!! Whew, if you're ever depressed, go to Madewell and try on a dress and they'll be like...YOU LOOK AWESOME! Best part about it, they won't be'd really look awesome cuz their stuff is so cute! ok, enough with boasting about my future life partner, Madewell. I'll just prove to you how cute everything is...

This is the last shirt I bought from Madewell, a silky button up number than can be worn in soooo many different ways. These pants are my favorite. I bout them about 2 years ago from Madewell and I wear them at least once every week.

I hate my iPhone camera with rage a passion! It's so horrible except when there's bright natural light. Anyway, it'll have to do since I took this in the house, at night and was too lazy to fool with my real camera. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Look Of The Day!

A lot of you who are following me on Instagram already know that I went to see Alvin Ailey the other week and it was soooooo good. It was at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center, Knight Theater. It's at the Levine Center for the Arts which includes 4 amazing museums! I love watching dance just as much as I love dancing and I can't even begin to describe how obsessed I am with strong bodies, so it was a win win for me. They're touring until October so if you can catch them in your city or somewhere near, it's a definite must. Here's what I wore.

Dress-Mimi Chica
Shoes- Matisse
Belt- Madewell
Necklace- H&M
Watch- Michael Kors 
The other pictures make the material look shiny and it's not, it's like crocheted. 

Inside 'Firebird' by Niki De Saint Phalle

I love this sculpture and I always called it Phoenix before I learned (yesterday) what the real name was.
 I asked my friend who works at the Mint Museum and she filled me in.
She blogs at so check her out! 

Here's the Mint Museum, I think it's so pretty.

Monday, June 11, 2012

1920's Game Night

A few weeks ago, I went to a 1920's themed casino game night hosted by the 100 Black Men organization. It was at Extravaganza Depot, just outside of uptown Charlotte, which is a really cool event space and production company. Gambling is illegal in NC so we used fake money but I was rolling in it by the end of the night. I was hot on the craps table for like 30 minutes straight :) It was a lot of fun and less stressful than real gambling, lol. For anyone who's planning a party and can't think of a theme...if you have the time to plan it right, game night works really well. The food was catered by Outback Steakhouse so it was yummy, but there were no desserts :( What's a party with no dessert? Not so sweet.

I decided to go with the theme and wear a 1920 something party dress. I got it from Hong Kong, a vintage boutique in Plaza Midwood. With a few alterations, (done by me, scissors, some fashion tape and a glue gun) it was exactly what I wanted. I didn't want to go all the way flapper, like a performer would wear but I also didn't want a super heavy beaded gown. Those were my only two options at Morris Costumes. I'm happy with how it ended up!

So here's how the dress started out. Pretty ugly with those puffy sleeves! The velvet was nice though :)

I got my hair straightened and made sure that she used lots of pressing creme and hair spray because
I needed the curls to stay. Don't worry...I got my ends trimmed after this! 

So here's how I left the salon. It was so funny because I got so many compliments from guys as I went
around running errands with my hair like this. wtf? Did I remind them of their grandmas and it put
a warm feeling in their heart? I would never wear my hair like this! 

The finished product. I chopped of the shoulder pads and the sleeves. Then I made the neck into a V.
 I tied a knot into my pearls also, but not until after this picture.
I used bobby pins to make a faux bob. 

I made this feather clutch from a Walmart feather duster, black ribbon and a cheap plastic
bag from the beauty supply store. You can learn how here.
These shoes are really old from bebe...maybe 4 years old.

My headband is a ribbon, hot glued to a hair elastic. I added an applique from one of my old dance costumes.
 If anyone wants to know how I make headbands, just leave a comment.
My lipstick is MAC Girl About Town. Lipliner is MAC Magenta

I love this picture because I think it looks most authentic. It's all grainy because of
 my crappy iphone camera quality+black and white thanks to Instagram.
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I got these lace gloves from the beauty supply store also. 

Here's my handsome date :)