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Monday, June 11, 2012

1920's Game Night

A few weeks ago, I went to a 1920's themed casino game night hosted by the 100 Black Men organization. It was at Extravaganza Depot, just outside of uptown Charlotte, which is a really cool event space and production company. Gambling is illegal in NC so we used fake money but I was rolling in it by the end of the night. I was hot on the craps table for like 30 minutes straight :) It was a lot of fun and less stressful than real gambling, lol. For anyone who's planning a party and can't think of a theme...if you have the time to plan it right, game night works really well. The food was catered by Outback Steakhouse so it was yummy, but there were no desserts :( What's a party with no dessert? Not so sweet.

I decided to go with the theme and wear a 1920 something party dress. I got it from Hong Kong, a vintage boutique in Plaza Midwood. With a few alterations, (done by me, scissors, some fashion tape and a glue gun) it was exactly what I wanted. I didn't want to go all the way flapper, like a performer would wear but I also didn't want a super heavy beaded gown. Those were my only two options at Morris Costumes. I'm happy with how it ended up!

So here's how the dress started out. Pretty ugly with those puffy sleeves! The velvet was nice though :)

I got my hair straightened and made sure that she used lots of pressing creme and hair spray because
I needed the curls to stay. Don't worry...I got my ends trimmed after this! 

So here's how I left the salon. It was so funny because I got so many compliments from guys as I went
around running errands with my hair like this. wtf? Did I remind them of their grandmas and it put
a warm feeling in their heart? I would never wear my hair like this! 

The finished product. I chopped of the shoulder pads and the sleeves. Then I made the neck into a V.
 I tied a knot into my pearls also, but not until after this picture.
I used bobby pins to make a faux bob. 

I made this feather clutch from a Walmart feather duster, black ribbon and a cheap plastic
bag from the beauty supply store. You can learn how here.
These shoes are really old from bebe...maybe 4 years old.

My headband is a ribbon, hot glued to a hair elastic. I added an applique from one of my old dance costumes.
 If anyone wants to know how I make headbands, just leave a comment.
My lipstick is MAC Girl About Town. Lipliner is MAC Magenta

I love this picture because I think it looks most authentic. It's all grainy because of
 my crappy iphone camera quality+black and white thanks to Instagram.
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I got these lace gloves from the beauty supply store also. 

Here's my handsome date :)


  1. you look great, I love love love it!!! I hope you posted pics on your instagram. I am also stoked by the fact the majority of your pieces were DIY, very impressive. My hubby's job hosted a casino night for a company party like 3 years ago and I still talk about it to this day, it was mad fun!!!

    1. Thanks! Ya I think I put 2 on Instagram. I love DIYin, I'm glad you liked my homemade stuff :)

  2. What a transformation, I love the way the outfit turned out!

    1. Thanks, looks different than that horrible dressing room pic! hehe

  3. the (final, finished) hair is gorgeous! lol @ "did I remind them of their grandmas and put a warm feeling in their heart?"

    also, I now know where to find lace gloves. the beauty supply? I never woulda thought!

    1. lol, i dunno what those hard curls were doing to the boys!