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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Look of The Day!

Last night, I went to a charity event hosted by William Wilson at JetPool for Autism Speaks. Where some charity events can be stuffy, this one was lots of fun. Held in a hanger at JetPool, catered by Ruth's Chris, with sponsors like Rolls Royce, Remy Martin and Motor Trenz , it was one of the fun events! Free drinks, good food and EYE CANDY (nice cars)!

I wore this bCbG dress but's like shorts underneath :) I can never have a Brittney experience and the wind can never blow my dress up so it's a win! I am pocket obsessed when it comes to dresses and skirts, this one has pockets hidden in the pleats of the skirt, so lip gloss is never far away. I love these shoes, they're a fairly low wedge but they don't look squatty, lol. They're so summery because of the cutouts and I just love them.

Dress- BCBG
Belt- Target
Clutch- Express
Shoes- Mea Shadow 


  1. Loves that dress! And how the belt makes the shoes go perfectly... I wish I had places to go/reasons to dress up. LoL.

    1. Thanks Alexandria! You should get a few friends together and do drinks or lunch or meet up at a busy area in your city and you'll have places to go to dress up. Who cares if you're the dressiest person at the place?!?!

  2. Love the outfit, the color of the dress looks great on you!

  3. Mia this my absolute favorite look. The dress, bun, belt and shoes are all perfect.