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Monday, July 9, 2012

What I've Been Up To...

I've been neglectful of the blog because Instagram is soooo easy to use. I hope you're all following me on instagram: GStarMi, because I update there every day. Anywho, for those of you who don't have it, here's what I've been up to. For those of you that are already following me, this may be a bit of a repeat, but I promise, some new stuff is coming shortly!!

My roots were really dark and my at home stuff wasn't lifting like I wanted it to. Also, the back section of my hair was super dark because it never got sun and I only dye the front section when I do it.  So this was before I went to Aveda Institute to get it right. The results look exactly the same as all of my other pictures, just without the dark roots :)

This was a random night an I was going nowhere. I always use liquid liner to do a winged or cat eye but I drew on the bottom lashes this time and I loved it!

This is what the drawn on lashes look like from far away. It was pretty dark in my room and you know how iphones are, so it's kinda blurry but you get the idea. I'm sure i'll do it again and take a picture with my good camera soon. 

This is my lunch date to this cute burger place in the Steel Creek area called BT's Burger Joint. I love that they have tater tots :) Jeans are from Madewell, top is from Marshalls, ballet flats by Repetto.

Every week I work in my family's garden, today I just picked what was ready so I didn't have lots to do.  I really enjoy gardening, it's hard work, especially here cuz it's so freakin hot! This dress is Central Park West and it's from Aritzia. 

After all that hard work, I like to relax on the porch swing. It's really a good place for a nap!  This is what I look like without makeup :O

This is my Citrus Peach Summer Punch! I juiced oranges, lemons, peaches, basil and apples. So good and refreshing, even all of the kids loved it (after I picked out the pieces of basil lol)

This addiction is not new...I've been shopping at Ulta of course. What is new is my NYX addiction. I've been using NYX here and there for a few years but recently, everything I've tried, I love! 

I got this little bag from TJ Maxx and I've been using it inside of my huge bags. I  put makeup, headphone, lotion etc in there so I don't loose them in the sea of things in a big bag. btw, I love what it says cuz it's all me :)

I went camping in West Virginia, Girl Scouts style lol! I had a great time...campfire, bunk beds, hot dogs,  nature and dranks of course! 

The lake at the camp site had huge water toys in it, a zip line, a blog that launches you crazy high, water trampolines etc. This was the highlight for me! 

I went to DC for my Howard friend, Joanne's, bachelorette party. We had sooo much fun! This was Saturday night as I was getting ready to go out. I keep getting questions about this case, it's by InCase and I got it from TJ Maxx. The top is by Gryphon New York. 

On Sunday, we went to a pool party! These are some more of my Howard friends, Shakir and Cece <3

I've been hangin out with one of my nephews, while he's in town. His name is Brody and he's my sister's son. He's so funny to me! My sister was trying on clothes because she was going out of town so he decided to try on my pants! haha

I was watering the garden and the hose is broken so he decided to get himself all wet :)

This is during the heat was 104 degrees out so I was trying to stay inside as much as possible. 

I've been making tons of smoothies cuz it's the perfect summer meal/snack. This one had spinach, yogurt, raspberries, blueberries and peaches.

Of course I've been juicing any and everything! I just juiced these apples to put in the smoothie. 

I love these glasses from Urban Outfitters. Smoothie like a sir! 

I'm still using this gel but I also tried out this Palmer's Edge Hold. It's like a super thick, less watery version of Jam.  You have to use the smallest bit or it'll look greasy.

Truthfully, I've also been drinking a lot and have subsequently gained 7 lbs. wtf? Ok, the next few weeks i'll be posting ONLY about working out! lol

Aaaahh, I love Voluspa candles, I got these from Anthropologie but you can also get them from
Nordstrom and Francesca's Collections.

Every time I make salmon, I always get asked for the recipe. This is the seasoning that I use, it's really yummy and has no salt so you can add as much as you want. I add olive oil, pepper, and season salt or old bay. Then bake for 15-20 min at 350 degrees and a foil packet.