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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Engagement Party!

My fiance and I had a Halloween engagement party on the Saturday before Halloween. When I first brought up the idea, Al wasn't too happy about it. He didn't want Halloween and the costumes etc. to get in the way of celebrating our engagement. I felt the exact opposite. The only reason we would be having a party was to celebrate our engagement, so to me,  the attire or date didn't make it less about us. Well, in the end, we had a great time, all of our friends were dressed up in really funny costumes and we have great pictures to remember it all.

I have always been a huge fan of Halloween. As a little girl, my mom always took us trick-or-treating. We lived in a great neighborhood where everyone participated and it was a blast. When I was 6, we moved into a small neighborhood where nobody did trick-or-treating. Lucky for us, my mom and dad used to take us back to our old neighborhood so that we could trick-or-treat. When I was about 11, we had this huge, ugly conversion van (sorry Dad, but it was ugly...he loved that van. Secretly, so did I). My parents would invite all of my friends to pile in and they would take us all to my old neighborhood and we'd have the best time! Well when I got to the 8th grade, I finally decided that I was too old to go trick-or-treating so my mom agreed that I could have a Halloween party! I was so excited and we turned our garage into a spooky...garage? I dunno, it was fun. Cobwebs, bats, dry ice cauldrons, skeletons, black lights, the works. My friends and I had a blast, so we did it every year. Fast forward to my grown up self, I have a warm place in my heart for Halloween. I tried to explain this to Al but he just ended up agreeing to it...probably to shut me up about it! lol

Here are a few pics :)

Here's what our invitation looked like...

This is the front of the invite (I love sugar sculls)

The invitations were inside this paper bag with a candy bag that I stamped with this cute little skull. I hand delivered all of these invites to my friend's doorsteps. It was a little creepy for them to find something random on their porch but that just adds to the Halloween theme right? 

I saw this in a magazine so I did it with a few of my friends. They are just spray painted shoe boxes.

Here's how mine turned out, before we added the pumpkins, bats, spiders, skulls and lanterns 

I made these lanterns by spraying vases white and putting halloween tights over it. The vases were from the dollar store, the tights were from Walmart. 
My Mom and I had the best time planning our costumes :)

Here's Al shopping for beverages...Frugal McDoogle! 

Here's a little treat for our guests to take home. 

Our friends was very generous and let us have the party at her house.
These are some of the decorations that we put up outside.

I made my costume the day before the party by gluing all of the leaves around my parent's house (that my Mom didn't want anymore). I also bought some leaves from the dollar store. 

and this is me trying on my top and being sad that I still had to make the bottom :/ 
Here's how my Eve costumed turned out. 

This is my super cute older sister dressed as a little girl at a sleepover. 

Here's the cake that our friend made , or actually, this is after we ate the top two tiers :)

I love paper's like when's a good time to wear them? Halloween! 
Flo and Steve Urkel 

Here's my friend who was a peacock.
Sha nay nay lol!
Edward Scissorhands 
Cher and...a guy with an afro wig :)

Al was Grandmama! lmao

Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Should Be Ashamed :(

I should be, but I'm not! I haven't blogged since October. What was I thinking? I'm so thankful that a lot of you have pushed me (guilted me) into starting again. I love to do it, I love talking to all of you and  responding to emails etc. I got busy with wedding planning and neglected my precious little blog space. Not to worry, I have tons of pics to share!

Comment or email me and let me know what other stuff you guys wanna know about the wedding, my life, or whatev.

Also, if you aren't already, please follow me on Instagram @Gstarmi. I post photos pretty often there!

Let's start with some more dress options, those are always fun!
I tried on so many head bands and accessories and this ribbon was so annoying hanging down my back.

This dress is by Amsale and i thought it was really interesting. Excuse the weird way I'm standing...


I really like the scalloped neckline on this dress. I love lace so this was right up my alley.  This dress is by Modern Trousseau and it's called Field.

This jacquard dress was definitely one of my favorites. I probably would've picked it if I were having a fall or winter wedding. I just thought the fabric was to thick and heavy for May. It was by modern Trousseau and the name is Regan.

it had pockets!

Here's how I want my hair...some variation of one of these. I'm doing my hair and makeup for the big day so I have some playing around to do to see what looks good on me. I know a want soft curls and a low bun.
The top left picture is what i like, maybe a little messier than that though.

Of course i'm into braids, and I know I want a low bun so this might work.

I like how her hair is sort of swirled into this bun so I can maybe recreate this into a lower bun...

I love love love this makeup! It looks so natural and soft even thought they clearly contoured and highlighted the hell out of her face (in a good way). I don't want to look too overdone but I definitely want a flawless complexion like this! I need to practice, lol!