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Monday, December 20, 2010

Look Of The Day

This weekend I went to Pinehurst, North Carolina with my family for a great relaxing holiday getaway! While the men in my fam played golf, my mom, sister-in-law and I reveled in the full day of shopping in the village shops. Aside from a few treats, (black truffle olive oil and honey ginger balsamic) my favorite purchase was from a small consignment shop called Dazzle. I was in HEAVEN! After 3 trips to the dressing room, with nothing but success, I had to make some crucial decisions. Hermes scarf? Ralph Lauren Trench? Ostrich Jacket? (sigh) Sadly, I ended up walking away from all of those items :( 
I walked away though, with the most perfect pair of vintage Louboutins.   :)

Dress- Zara
Shoes- Christian Louboutin


  1. Sometimes it's the experience that matters most.

  2. How are you able to afford Christain Louboutin...What is your profession