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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Men, Whatever Shoe You Thought You Should Wear With A Suit, Don't!

Too many times have men put on their nicest suit to go to work, a party, a semi formal function or a formal gala only to ruin it by wearing the wrong shoes! Church Shoes, Work Shoes, ROTC Shoes, Club Shoes and Penny Loafers do not work with a suit and some just don't work. Follow this guide and you'll get it right every me, women are definitely looking at your shoes :)

(I refuse to put the websites or any other info for these shoes, for fear that someone might try to buy them!)

1. Church Shoes- Please let the gators and crocs live...not that I'm an animal rights advocate, I just need any reason for people to not buy these shoes!

2. Work Shoes- If you wear these shoes to work, you should should also stop wearing them with a suit to have drinks after 5.

3. ROTC Shoes- Unless you are preparing for military combat or walking a construction site, these steel toe shoes should be left on the shelf.

4. Club Shoes- (sigh) I can't even describe why these elf shoes are wrong...but the fact that they resemble elf wear should be enough.

5. Penny Loafers- I love penny loafers BUT they are a casual shoe and shouldn't be worn with a suit. Wear them with khakis or cuffed jeans for a preppy look.

Do Wear These Shoes With A Suit Wherever You're Going!

1. Oxford
You can never go wrong with a great pair of oxfords.

Calvin Klein Gareth II Oxford

2. Wingtip Oxford
I love to see men wearing wingtips at work.

 Magnanni 'Bruno' Wingtip Oxford

3. Derby Shoes
Similar to oxfords but they have open lacing.

 4. Loafers
If you are going to wear a casual suit or you're going to a daytime function, loafers are appropriate.

5. Patent Leather 
These shoes should only be worn at formal events with a tuxedo!


  1. Kills me everytime I see "work" shoes w/ a suit. Can't believe dudes still rock that...smh

  2. Shakir, lol I feel your pain! Spread the news that "work" shoes are not to be worn with a suit!!

  3. Best Post yet for men. Hopefully it cleans things up for a lot of us fellas.
    The elfish club shoes are killing me.