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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Get The Blues for Spring!

Don't be drab, try a blue hue! Whether turquoise, azure, egyptian of cyan, blue is great color for spring. For a bold statement, try a blue dress, pants or whole outfit, if you dare. For a pop of color, go for blue accessories!

1. Flower Burst Earrings

Head Over Heels Fashion Lounge

2. Twenty8Twelve Tuesday Devore Knit Dress


3. Prima Scarf


4. Cutie Cynthia Hooded 2-piece Shirt

Fashion 4 Us

5. Paillette Shorts
J. Crew

6. Native The Jefferson Sneaker

7. Prada Multi Striped Pochette

8. Multistrap Watch Set
L.L. Bean

9. Lapis of Luxury

10. Gucci Web Logo Sunglasses

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