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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's Talk Storage

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I don't have anywhere to put all of my beauty products, jewelry, perfume, hair products and any other things that I have hoard that don't have a place to go. I am constantly on a mission to find storage for all of my stuff since there's no point in having it if you can't access it easily. Here are some of the things that I use to help me stay organized!

I got this rolling storage shelf with drawers at Marshalls for $25. It was easy to put together and since it's on wheels, I can roll it to wherever I'm doing my hair and have all of my products, clips, combs, and flat irons etc. The things that are on top are things that I use every day so they're  right at my fingertips instead of inside of the drawers. 

I got this A Tartan Tale collection last Christmas. The lip glosses came in tin cans that I now use to hold change and other little things like buttons.

My Cube is my one true love, I don't know how I ever lived without it :) It was on my holiday gift list last year and it really is amazing. I organized mine loosely based on eyes, lips, face and nails categories. It's really easy to find what you need when they're stored neatly.

Storing my jewelry was previously a problem because I only had these two boxes but they didn't hold enough. I use these now for things that I don't wear every day and for oddly shaped things like a million bangles and bib necklaces. 

This hanging bag with pockets was about $10 at Marshalls and it's double sided. I keep necklaces separated in this bag so that I don't have to worry about untangling when I'm ready to wear one.

These two racks are also from Marshalls and they were $15 and $10. The one on the left rotates and has a different type of rack on each of the four sides. The one on the right is double sided.


I hope this helps all of you who were struggling like me to keep everything in order! If you have any questions about anything you see here or inside the storage containers, feel free to ask! 

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