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Monday, February 13, 2012

Do's and Don'ts of Valentine's Day!

1. Don't give attitude to your man for at least one week before Valentine's Day!
Do make an effort to get your man something nice, he deserves materialistic gestures of love too!

2. Don't rent romance movies and wallow in sadness.
Do have a comedy movie marathon with unlimited snacks for 1!

3. Don't give your crush an expensive or sentimental gift, it will scare him away!
Do make a cool retro card for your crush...(DO NOT INCLUDE HOW YOU REALLY FEEL!)

4. Don't tell everyone how much you hate Valentine's Day, you'll just seem bitter. 

Do plan a girls night at a fun lounge or restaurant if you're single.

5. Don't send yourself flowers at work, everyone knows they're from you. 

Do buy your best work friend a box of chocolates and share!

6. Don't wear all black to morn the death of your love life.
Do wear red and pink accessories that make you look cute and irresistible!

7. Don't call your ex out of boredom, y'all broke up for a good reason!  

Do look cute all never know what new guy you might run into at Target!

8. Don't bother your friends who are in a relationship, they're probably busy! 

Do pamper yourself all night with DIY facials, fragrant candles and a hot bath and to stay occupied.

9.  Don't swear off all things love in order to try to forget that it's Valentine's Day. 

Do embrace love by making an awesome love songs playlist and belt out your fav songs like nobody's listening...even if people are around! 

10. Don't drink're more likely to drunk dial. 

Do drink and drunk dial with friends :)

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