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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How To: Travel Unprepared

Traveling unprepared is something I do a lot. It's not like I don't have the time to prepare, I just don't have the motivation to prepare. If you are anything like me, here are some tips to making your trip as  stressful and unorganized fun and spontaneous as possible :P

This was me, on Sunday night after being exhausted from CIAA, knowing that I had a 6am flight Monday morning...

1. Procrastinate-dont start  packing until you can't think of any other things to do like watch shows on your dvr, reorganize your chapsticks, check Facebook, make faces in the mirror to see how you'd look doing various things...
This is how I would look giving somebody the pouty/fish face.

2. Pack in a miniature duffle bag -I generally pack too much and don't wear half the stuff I bring. Remove that option! In my mind, my weekend shouldn't fit into something so small, but since they call it a "weekender", it must be the best choice.

This is my weekender from H&M

3. Try to be late-Don't look for your headphones until you are walking out the door. There's no way to fly sufficiently entertained without them so take all the time you need...the plane will most likely wait on you.

These are the new headphones that I had to buy from Marshall's ($7) since I couldn't find mine.

4. Pack without thinking- put lots of things in your weekender that are not aloud in carry-ons but are really important to you like expensive lotion, new perfume, super moisturizing conditioner that's juuuust over the size limit. That way you can argue with TSA and still end up having to throw it away :(

5. Dress inappropriately- wear flip flops even though your departure city and connecting city has a 6am temp of 40 degrees. It's too much trouble putting on reg shoes and throwing the flip flops in the weekender. Freezing on your walk into the airport, through the airport, on the plane with no blankets, during your layover and on the 2nd plane, also with no blankets is not so bad.

This is the best way to travel and you're guaranteed to have an amazing trip :) 

Burger Fi on Ocean Dr. is the best place to eat in Delray...
so many options and all of them amazing!
I saw these little Bubble Gum Buddies in Kilwin's and
I thought they were so cute! 
The little dino is my favorite
 she looks like Miaceratops!

Now my Rainbows are appropriate!
 Hi from Delray Beach :)

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