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Friday, March 30, 2012

Reagan Says :)

Let me introduce you all to a super cool, sweet style having, Miley Cyrus loving, girl named Reagan. Originally from Arizona, Reagan has a style all her own and the attitude to go with it! When you see "Reagan Says", you'll know that it's from the brain of a wild child who loves life and lives it to the fullest. Whether she's on the east or west coast or continent hopping, you'll be seeing what she loves along the way!

So, Reagan is in a new relationship with Agate and Druzy jewelry :) She sent me this picture and I immediately had a crush! I love how vintage they look, like a traveler from the 70's who loves rock and soul music and avidly uses the peace sign. I want.

A few days later, I was at Target (go figure) and found the motherload! There are, of course, different price points for the same look and I'm planning to do some damage at Target this week.

These Nina Nguyen necklaces are soooo cute. I wear gold about 99% of the time so they're right up my alley plus what's not to love about a chunky colorful rock form! If price is not object, then the sky's the limit from this collection.


  1. Go Reagan! Grabs keys. Heads to Target.

    1. lol, yeah girl. I got a few things the other day. The stuff is sooo cute!