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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Look Of The Day

Clogs are back? I say Yes! 

Silk Blouse- Zara
High Riser Jeans- Madewell
Belt- Madewell
Clogs- Sisley
Scarf- H&M


  1. I really love those boots. Whar ages do uou feel they are appropriate foe?

  2. I think clogs are appropriate for teenagers up to 60+! The way to wear them right is to find the heel height that's appropriate for your age and where you're wearing them. Teens can wear a 2.5 inch heel, 20's-30's can wear a super high 4 or 5 inch heel and 40's and up can wear a 3 inch heel. Any age can go lower in heel height but not everyone should go higher!