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Monday, February 27, 2012

Madewell Style Insider OMG (went so great)

As the title suggests, I had such a great time styling yesterday at Madewell! It's so awesome when you get a chance to do what you love and when you love something, it shows :)

 Madewell's new spring collection is full of brights (think neon), stripes (think sailors), and denim (think classic). Everything was mix and matchable, which I like, so I was really excited to see people trying on different options.

 I'm so lucky to have such great family and friends who came out to support me. So, here are the top five highlights of our shopping PAR-TAY!

1. We had Amelie's and Starbucks- 2 of my favs so that alone = success!

2. A loyal  Follow Me To Fashion subscriber, Tia, came out to shop around and won a Madewell gift card for her best look! She looked cute in everything she tried on but we thought one outfit in particular was the best! (It'll be a future look of the day cuz I bought it for myself!)

3. If you haven't been to Madewell, then you haven't met the best retail girls in all of Southpark! They are all so sweet, each one has their own unique way of dressing and they know their style stuff for sure.

4. My favorite thing in the whole store was the v-neck t-shirt WALL...yes, a whole wall of different color v-necks. I know, it sounds crazy that it was my favorite BUT, who doesn't want a v-neck for every day of the week?

5. If you have a booty like me and ain't afraid to show it :) you''ll love Madewell's jeans. Their jeans fit my butt AND fit snug on my waist which almost never happens without tailoring. They seem to get that big booty doesn't necessarily mean love handles. I guess it's the Shakira, Beyonce, JLo effect...they are making the world of jeans a better place!

If you don't know where it is...park at Belk and look across from J. Crew

They have tons of printed scarves right now that are super cute

Hey, that's me! 

That denim bar is there to satisfy all of your needs...skinnies, flares, boyfriends,  high-waisted, straight, bootcut, trousers, shorts, jeggings...really, all that.

Jeans, Blazer and Belt- Madewell
Shoes- Belle by Sigerson Morrison


  1. love the look I'm your newest follower!

  2. The first time I was able to visit a Madewell was when I went to lennox mall while on a trip to ATL, I wish there were a store in close proximity to Raleigh. Love your blog so far and I def have to show love since you're from NC as well. congrats on your feature on fashionbombdaily.

  3. Style4Curves, thanks for following! Checking out your blog now :)

    Thanks Fattygirl, I feel the same way about Zara, i wish there was one closer than Atlanta :( At least Madewell has online ordering so that's a plus! I'm super excited about the feature and i'm looking forward to talking to all my new followers!

  4. I have to say that you have a nice smile! And your hair is gorgeous! Congratz on the Fashion Bomb Feature as well!


  5. love your style!!!! saw u on fashion bomb!!!!

    please check out my blog and vintage shop (online)

    1. I'll def check them out...I love online shopping!

  6. Love your blog but the font makes me skip over all the text. It is brutal!

  7. lol, my cousin told me that and I wasn't tryin to hear it! ok, ok, i'll change it :P

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  9. Hey girl, saw you on fashionbombdaily and I loved your style!
    Not trying to hate or anything, but the fashion bomb winners are usually girls who dress in neon colors and obnoxious trends. I'm glad to see that your style isn't like that.

    You are adorable and I look forward to following your blog :))

    1. Thanks a lot! I like neon too...maybe just not all in one outfit :)

  10. Love you style,saw you on fashionbombdaily,i'm now following..keep up the good stuff you have here..

    1. Thanks for following! Feel free to suggest topics you'd like to hear about :)