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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Look Of The Day!

This is such a random look of the day so bear with me. I was on twitter and got a new follower so I was looking at her recent tweets and there was an InStyle Magazine post about side braids. I've been into this look for the longest so I decided to show you guys my side braid. (I like it best when the part is in the middle) Anyway, here's the link and here's my picture from the Halloween before last (like i said, I've been into side braids for a while). It's really easy to make this look more polished by curling a few stray pieces and using a "your hair color hair tie. You could also add a headband, do a fishtail braid or add a ribbon to the braid! possibilities=endless

I was at a pumpkin patch at Hodges Farm...I've been going here for pumpkins and Christmas Trees since I was little. Check their website because they always have fun stuff there + horseback riding and cute little goats that you can feed!
Ironically, all of my clothes are from Madewell lol
Boots- Frye

I had this picture as my phone's homescreen for so long cuz it looks so pretty. It was the most perfect cool, fall day (sigh)

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