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Monday, February 20, 2012

Madewell Style Insider Shopping Party!

I'm so excited to be hosting this amazing shopping PARTY at one of my fav stores Madewell!! I can't wait to see everyone and pick out some cute CIAA Day Party outfits :) If not for day parties, then everyday looks, cute bday outfits, spring dresses, shoes, jewelry, accessories...ALL OF THAT! Hope to see you guys there :)

-20% off $125 or more during the event
-Get a chance to shop our new Spring collection first
-One-on-one styling advice from style blogger Mia Kennedy
-Coffee by Smelly Cat and Treats by Amelie's
-PLUS get a chance to win a Madewell gift card for the best styled look!


  1. I really wish I could make the Madewell event. It is one of my favorite stores too. By the way: I will be attending CIAA for the first time and people have been telling me about day parties. I never know what to wear to those. I want to be cute but I don't want to appear to be "doing too much". That is my worst nightmare. Have any advice?

  2. Also, I just thought about it. CIAA is the first weekend in March. IS that still winter or is is early spring? I wonder what the weather will be like. How do you think that should affect attire?

  3. LaShaya, I agree with you, "doing too much" is the worst offense! Effortless style is really important at day parties. I think you should look your best but in a time appropriate way. Nothing's worse than a nighttime club dress at a day party. My suggestion is your best fitting skinny jeans with a sweet floral tank or high-wasted flares with a fitted t-shirt. Accessorize with lots of jewelry to dress it up and sling a medium sized bag across your body so that your hands are free for dancing! Flats, wedges and thick-heeled shoes are preferable because you'll probably be doing a lot of walking to different places and maybe in and out of the arena. Judging by how nice the weather is predicted to be all this week, I think it's gonna be great spring mid 60s and up! This is great news so add bright dresses to the day party attire. A day dress should be a bit more forgiving and should have a little longer hem than your nighttime frock. I say: This is the best time to show your style and not necessarily your body :) Hope this helps!

  4. Hey! The Madewell party sounds like a lot of fun and i'm sad I won't be able to make it. I'm actually going to be in Charlotte that following Sunday! I'm from Chicago and while I've been to Raleigh NC I haven't been to Charlotte so i'm excited. What is CIAA and is it a public party? Also, i'll be there til Wed so I would appreciate any advice on where to eat, shop, and hangout! Thanks in advance.

    P.S. You have a really amazing blog and while I only started following recently due to a recommendation from a friend i've been really impressed. I'm currently working on my wordrobe to reflect a new style and your blog has been really inspiring!


  5. Charniese, thanks for subscribing and share with your friends :) Good luck with your wardrobe update, feel free to ask any questions or suggest topics that you're interested in seeing! CIAA is actually a college basketball tournament that comes to town every year. The parties just happen to be the best part of it. It's public and there are tons of things to do starting thursday and ending on sunday. The good thing about the parties is that you can go to literally any club/bar/restaurant uptown during that weekend and it'll be a good time! Send me an email and i'll inbox you some suggestions on stuff to do while you're here!

  6. I went to Madewell for the first time yesterday here in Chicago, I must say that I love the classic pieces they have but had problems with the fit. I work for Anthropologie and I noticed a total difference in how their clothes fit. Over all I loved the store, and saw you on the Fashion Bomb Daily so I had to comment on your blog! much love

    - Nik

    1. Hey Nik :) Thanks for checking out my blog! What problem did you have with madewell's fit? was it the jeans? I love Anthro...especially the candles!