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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Men's Holliday Attire

The Holidays Are A Great Time For Classic Combinations, With A Twist. Choose Your Look And Go!

1. Go Solo!
One Button Jacket, Oxford, Tie, Crew Neck Sweater, Jeans

2. Go Layered!

Oxford, Textured Vest, Corduroy Jacket, Jeans

 3. Go Celeb!
Plaid Oxford, Solid Color Tie, Knit Cardigan, Jeans

4. Go Smooth!
Velvet Blazer, Solid Color Oxford, Silk Tie

5. Go Festive!
Chunky Nordic Sweater, Solid Color Henley, Jeans

6. Go Bold!
Jewel Tone Cardigan, Solid Color Oxford, Neutral Tie

7. Go Neutral!

Charcoal Oxford, Charcoal V-Neck Sweater, Charcoal Slacks

8. Go Geometric!

Patterned Oxford, Patterned Sweater, Khakis

9. Go Prep!
Tartan Crew Neck Sweater, Oxford, Velvet Slacks

10. Go Retro!

Bow Tie, Oxford, V-Neck Sweater, Slacks


  1. definitely feeling that david beckum look....alot of style in those stealing it

  2. David Beckham's layered look is's a very polished look that's still casual.