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Monday, November 22, 2010

Amazing Holiday Gifts For The Men In Your Life!

If He's Fashionable, He'll Love It...If He's Not, He'll Need It!

1. Ugg Sheldon Slipper
Sheepskin on his toes = Love. 

2. Dita Insider Plastic Frame Sunglasses.
Lighter tint for hazy fall days.

3. Graphic Image Monogrammed IPad Sleeve
Even if he's playing tic-tac-toe on his IPad, he'll be doing it in style with this leather sleeve.

4. Kakadu Traders Back Pack
    Chunky hardware, distressed shoulder straps and canvas screams masculinity.

5. Grenson Christian Lace Up Boots
    Classic style, he'll have these boots for years to come.

6. William Wilson Custom Suit
    Bespoke is Better.

7. Bose SoundDock Portable Digital Music System
    Ya, ya, ya, he already has an IPod dock...but it's not a Bose.

8. The Liquor Store Cadet Jacket
    Vintage Utility Jacket with military flare.

9. Kiehl's Facial Fuel Collection
   My Personal Favs:
    - Facial Fuel
    - Energizing Face Wash
    - No-Shine Moisturizing Lip Balm

10. Woolrich John, Rich & Bros. Navy Library Cardigan
      Go Varsity!



  1. I freakkkiiinnn love #5 the BK Circus boots! They are sooo hot and if only they sold women I'd get a pair! im seriously considering for my beau :)

  2. im buying them dita glasses im feeling that goddagon vasity woolrich john, rick & bros. thinking mustard or burnt orange in that...u know me

  3. Kristal, I think you should def gift these boots to your beau! It takes a confident guy to wear these bold boots!

  4. Bernard, the Dita glasses are some of my favs. I love the whole varsity athletic build would look great in this cardigan!