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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Current Obsession!!

Obsessive Usage

Ionix Diamond Drops Hair Serum
For the past 2 weeks my brush has had static= my hair has static. So, I was off on a search for a product that got rid of the frizz without weighing my hair down. I have natural hair so I have to be careful that anything that I put in my hair isn't greasy. I ended up buying Ionix Diamond Drops Hair Serum...this stuff sells for $20 on and on other websites it's about $40. I found it at Marshalls for $5.50!! Yay :)

It took away the frizz, added shine and my hair was still light and non greasy! I used about nickel sized amount while my hair was dry but the box says you can use it on wet or dry hair.

Kenneth Cole Instant Shine Sponge
I wear lots of leather boots, loafers and oxfords during the winter time...I actually like it when my boots look worn, but not dirty and old. My boots always get scuffed up and the leather starts looking dry :(  Not Anymore! I used to polish my shoes with my dad's full on shoe shine kit. That process is pretty long and messy though. Clean the shoes, find the right color polish to match your shoes, rub the polish into the shoes, brush it smooth, then buff it for shine. (the polish always gets all over my clothes) WTF, that's too much, I just want to wear my boots! So, I now use an instant shine sponge. One step: Shine your boots. Woop Woop!

I got this one from Kenneth Cole but they also have them at most department stores.

This boot has not been shined...

This one has been shined!

The one on the left hasn't been shined, and the pretty one on the right has been :)


  1. The shinning of the shoes is something people our age could do more of.

  2. Especially if you've INVESTED in a good pair of boots or shoes!