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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Current Obsession!!

I love my Juicer, like...Love! You may not think that has anything to do with health and beauty but of course it does. Healthy eating= healthy skin and a the healthy body. Healthy body= you fitting into the clothes you love! Anyway, I juice just about everyday. Juice is great for breakfast or a midnight snack and it's a great recovery drink after I workout. So basically I find reasons to juice :)

I had the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer ( a hand me down from my sis) until I burned the motor out (I guess that tells you how much I used it). It was a good machine, no complaints. They've made a few new models since this one, but this is the one I had.

I love this machine, it's really fast, the amount of juice is good and the cleanup is just a matter of unsnapping, rinsing each part and scrubbing the screen. The only complaint that I have is that it's so powerful that it doesn't do well with really soft fruits like rasberries and grapes. It also doesn't do leafy greens like kale and wheatgrass :(  Since it's not good at doing those things, I bought another juicer yesterday...a slow juicer by Omega. I'll put a video up tomorrow to show how the slow juicer works.

Today I used apple, carrot, celery and cucumber

I also added a tangerine :)
This is how much juice I got from all of those veggies

Simple Cleanup!

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