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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Turbans...A Love Hate Relationship.

LONG POST but with pics so don't hate me! 

If you're anything like me, you're excited that June Ambrose has her own show! I'm not unlike anyone else who noticed how cute and special she looks wearing her turbans. Obviously she didn't come up with the idea, as head wraps have been around for ages in African and Middle Eastern countries but she has certainly re-popularized the look. As the title suggests, I have a love/hate relationships with turbans. 

Ok, here's what I love...

     1. Turbans are really just scarves that you wrap around your head. I love scarves = I love turbans
     2. Accessories have always been a love of mine. Turbans = accessory = I love turbans
     3. I love color and patterns. Turbans come in tons of different pattern and colors = I love turbans
     4. I like trying new things with my hair. Wearing a turban on my hair = I love turbans
     5. I can be into some trendy things while they're around. Turbans are trendy = I love turbans

I hate turbans because:

     1. I don't want to look like I left the house with my wrap scarf on! 

That's it, that's the only reason. This hate purely comes from a place of envy, I'm envious of people who look cute wearing them and I think I'll look like I forgot to comb down my hair! This is a target ad and I don't want to look like this. As cute as this outfit is and as pretty as she is, her hair and turban look awful. 

So maybe I'll try it out and maybe take pics to see how I look, then I'll stick to the styles that look good on me. EVERYBODY can't wear have to be honest with yourself and say "Self, that is not cute."

I wear something like this to the pool and the beach every summer...but to me this doesn't count as a turban, I call this a headband. Wait...this may be my chance, I'll start calling them turbans and I'll be on trend!

So this is my favorite way June Ambrose wears hers. It's kind of a faux hawk and looks so chic on her. Realistically, unless I'm fresh from the shower, after washing my hair, I probably won't be wearing this style. 
Check Out The Juniverse for more fab pics of June Ambrose

Lucky for us, she's got tons of tutorials so you can pic your fav way to wear!
Here's the original Twitpic from Ebony Mag. This will be in the May issue.

I will most likely do this type of thing, it's def more me and a look that I think would fit my style.  
I will probably make most of my turbans headbands with old T's that I don't want to wear anymore. If you're like me and you like a good DIY, you can see how easy it would be. If you have no time for making your own or don't trust yourself with a sewing machine :) beauty supply stores have turbans, scarves etc. that you can use. Or, you can buy from June Ambrose's line. 

Here are a few of my fav pics from the web, these are styles that I'll def try!
Fatima from ANTM looks beautiful in her Turban

This is an Urban Outfitters Ad


  1. You can totally pull off a turban Mia!!! Im super obsessed w/them right now too. There just so chic, cute, a lil eccentric and bohemian. I dont know how many tutorials i've watched and everytime i experiment at home Jason looks at me like I'm crazy...he doesnt see the vision. I think a Turban wrapping party is in order :-)

    1. Ooooh, Oooh, I wanna go to a turban wrapping party! (any excuse to drink smh)! Maybe you should practice on Jason's smooth canvas! lmao

  2. I want to try to pull of a turban!!! I don't think I'll do a full cover one though... I think my face is too round lol. NaaAmerley wears them and they look so cute on her! I have a patterned shirt that I accidently ripped getting out of the car, and now I know exactly what I'm gonna do with it ; )

    1. I think I've see a pic of NaaAmerley with one on and she does look great! Ruined shirt? Sounds like a turban to me :)

  3. First I live for June Ambrose. When i thought i might pass away from the flu i told a friend to tell her that my deathbed wish was to have her style me for my casket! With the head wrap my concern is doing to much. Here in Brooklyn, many girls rock it successfully. I have done my African textiles in a small way, like around my head in a bow in the front with the top of my hair uncovered. I agree that the colors and patterns are really fun and i think the key is to not have it compete with other stuff. So having a simple outfit with solid colors is nice.

    1. Please send me pics when you decorate your head. You were the inspiration for this post:)