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Monday, August 20, 2012

Julia's Wedding!

One of my friends, Julia got married to the love of her life, Derrick, last weekend! She was beautiful and I had so much fun at the reception. Julia and I went to high school together so lots of my friends were in the wedding and invited to the wedding. That really made for a good reception. We danced until the DJ made us leave! Good Times!

I had the misfortune of running late and didn't get to grab my good camera before I left the house. I ended up with some shoddy iphone pics and some after the party, kinds sweaty pics of me after I got back home. Ehh, oh's what I got.

So 2 nights before, I washed and air dried my hair. 

The night before, I blow dried my hair using Tresemme heat tamer spray and this sample of Chocolat blow dry cream by Carol's Daughter. I could do a whole separate post on this stuff cuz I hated it so much. My hair felt really dry and tangled after I straightened it. When I tried to wash it out a few days later, I had to wash like three times and use a clarifying shampoo to get it out :/ Won't be using that anymore. If anybody has tried it and loves it, I will send you this bottle! 

I use DDF oil free moisturizing dew which I love love love after washing my face. The urban decay naked skin is really good. Def my new favorite foundation. It's lightweight and buildable for medium to heavy coverage. My color is 9.0

I used a wand to curl my hair and this is the finished product a la Instagram.

Here I am with the lovely bride with my horrible iPhone 4 camera

Here's Julia looking amazing! This pic is one of her professional shots...obviously not taken with my stupid phone. 

Here's how I looked afterwards...
My hair was completely sweaty and disgusting!

My hair was so bad when I got home :/ That means it was a fun reception!! 

Half way through the reception, I put my hair in a top knot. I added the headband when i got home lol
My dress is by Blue Juice and my clutch is from Aldo Accessories. 


  1. You're right... sweaty hair = amazing time lol

  2. Hey Mia how do you like that Carol's Daughter Hot Chocolat. Does your hair revert quickly?

    1. Maybe you didn't read the comment under the Carol's Daughter picture...I hated it! lol It made my hair feel tangled and sticky. I tried to wash it out and it took a few times with clarifying shampoo so that's probably a testament to it's staying power. If you are ok with the way your hair feels after you straighten it, it seems like it would last a while.

  3. you looked amazing, love the colour dress! If you cant have the photo fun at the event, the home passage will do hahaha!


  4. Love your hair color. Btw what color is it and do you have any tips for those who want to opt for highlights and full color?

    1. I use different things in my hair but the last time I dyed it, I used L'Oreal Intense Red Copper. If you're thinking of coloring your hair, be sure to keep it moisturized. The color can dry it out so start moisturizing often, BEFORE it gets damaged. Don't wait to see if it'll break, then start trying to make it healthy. If you're going for highlights, I wouldn't let them go up more than a few shades unless you're going to be diligent about keeping it healthy. Once you strip that color, you have to make sure to take the time to keep your hair healthy.

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