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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Men In Uggs: Only For The Ultra Masculine!

For Everyone Who Voted "No!" On The Uggs For Men Poll...Here Are A Few Looks That I Actually Agree With :) And Some That Are Just Wrong!

We'll Start With How NOT To Wear Uggs

1. Please don't do it! These thick soled Uggs are horrible, not to mention the tall style is ultra feminine.

2. Don't wear patterns...this guy is dirty and leaning against a tire a still looks feminine in these "camo", tall Uggs!

3. Don't Wear Skinny Jeans With Uggs...Some Styles Should Be Just For Women.

4. Don't Tuck Your Jeans All The Way Into Your Uggs Or You'll Look Like This Guy!

5. Don't Wear Uggs With Fur Lining The Boot Opening...Then People Will Sing "Boots With The Fur" As You Pass.

6. Don't Wear With Shorts

Now For The Do's

1. Do Stick With Classic Colors: Chestnut, Chocolate, Grey, Black Are All Great.

2. Do Stick With A Short Boot- Mid Ankle Is The Tallest Acceptable Height!

3. Do Wear Your Uggs With Distressed Jeans.

4. Do Wear Dark Uggs With Indigo Jeans.

5. Do Try Non-Traditional Styles; Leather Motorcycle Boots and Loafers Look Great.

6. Do Wear Your With Sweats.

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