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Friday, December 3, 2010

Trending for Fall: Nordic and Fair Isle Prints

Nordic and Fair Isle Prints For Men And Women Are All Over The Runways...I'm Loving This Trend!

1. Dresses

D&G Fair Isle Sweater Dress/Reindeer Jacquard Dress

2. Skirts and Shorts

Fair Isle Knit Skirt/D&G Fair Isle Shorts

3. Men's Sweaters

Paul Smith Fair Isle Shawl Collar Sweater/O’Hanlon Mills Reverse Hooded Zip-Up

4. Women's Sweaters

Chadwicks Buckle Nordic Sweater/Nordic Print Hooded Fleece Pullover

5. Poncho and Leotard

Ralph Lauren Blue Label Ruffled Fair Isle Poncho/D&G Fair Isle Leotard

6. Women's Jackets

Rustic Fair Isle Sweater Coat/Juicy Couture Faux Fur Jacquard Cardigan

7. Men's Jackets

Knitted Jacket With Trimmed Fastenings/McQ Fair Isle Motorcycle Jacket

8. Shirts

Lucky Brand Nordic Thermal/D&G Fair Isle Silk Chiffon Blouse

9. Accessories

Jacquard Collar/UO Fair Isle Gloves

10. Tights and Pants

Nordic Fair Isle Sweater Tights/D&G Fair Isle Leggings

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