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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Current Obsession!!


I've been obsessed with lace bras since I bought my first true lace bra two summers ago. Sure, I've had bras with lace on them but these bras are much much more than that. These bras use the elasticity of lace to add support, comfort, versatility and style that regular bras just don't have. I have them in every color (floral, black, nude, pink, blue), in every cup style (demi, full, push up, t-shirt), in every strap style (racerback, strapless, classic, halter). I can't get enough of them and I wear them just about every day.

I can't say much more than that!

1. This is from the Victoria's Secret Emma Collection. It's great for flowy floral tanks in the summer.
Racerback Full Coverage Bra

2. This Emma is great because the straps never show on my racerback tanks.
Racerback Full Coverage Bra

3. This racerback Emma is good for light colored tanks so that the straps blend. I also wear it with blu and purple loose fitting T's and tanks.
Racerback Full Coverage Bra

4. This Cosabella removable halter is an amazing push up! Choose your top wisely because you'll definitely gain a cup size with this bra.
Soire Mesh Bandeau w/ removable straps

5. This Cosabella bra is the most comfortable of them all. It's my goto t-shirt bra but I also layer it with other bras for extra support or under tanks when I want the pretty lace to show.
Cosabella Never Say Never

6. This is the classic Emma. It's an every day bra that I choose based on the color of my shirt.
Classic Full Coverage Bra

7. This is the same Classic Emma in blue.
Classic Full Coverage Bra

8. This Kimichi Blue lace bandeau is great for sheer tanks and can be worn by itself or on top of a strapless bra
Lace Bandeau

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