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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Trending for Winter: Patterned Tights and Leggings

Tights and Leggings are huge for winter. They're easy to wear and go under almost anything!

1. These dotted pair are simple and cute. Dotted Tights

2. I love that these grey tights are paired with grey shoes. A little pattern in the same color looks great! Geometric Pattern

3. Colored tights are not hard to wear. Pick two colors and stick with them. Any more than three colors and you'll start to resemble a clown : /

the Fiore 3D Pattern 

4. Add some texture to your everyday blacks and blues. Nordic Textured Tights

5. Go primal with leopard print tights. Just keep it simple up top with a black skirt or dress.

Waterford Fashion Tights

6. You can surely bare it all and pair your tights with your fav cropped T! Be sure that they aren't see through :)
American Apparel High Waist Legging

7. This Nordic print screams winter!
Nordic Print Leggings

8. Ripped leggings plus your fav boots= instant rock star!
LnA Ripped Zipper Leggings

9. Choose one of a kind designs and pair with black boots.
Snake Skin Screen Print

10. I love these retro color block leggings! Ordering now :)


  1. i want those nordic print leggings!!

  2. Very nice looking tights - thanks for sharing them here.