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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Look Of The Day!

Last night I went to a function at Urban Sip at The Ritz Charlotte to meet some folks who are in town for the DNC.  I had a great time because it wasn't a stuffy crowd, plus I was having some good wine so can't complain about that :)  I went to dinner at Vida afterwards because I haven't been there since last summer. I love Vida and I always get the same thing...margarita, queso dip and surf and turf tacos, yum!

Shirt- Madewell
Cardigan- Banana Republic
Belt- Zara
Shoes- YSL


  1. Cuteness... 2 questions what do you use to get your edges to lay so perfectly and what nail polish are you wearing?

  2. Hi Tia! I use Coconut Oil and Eco Styling gel when I pull my hair back . I will post photos this week so you can see both products :) My nails are Gelish Tutti Frutti.