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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ty The Jewelry Lady

I was gifted some amazing jewelry from Ty The Jewelry Lady and I had to share! Valentine's Day is coming up and is a great time to buy jewelry to wear on your Vday date or for GUYS to buy as gifts for someone special :)

Here I am with my metallic earrings that can be dressed up or worn with a casual outfit like this. I like them because they are sturdy and good quality but they aren't too heavy. I don't like jewelry that is so cheap that it falls apart after one wear. I also don't like earrings that are so heavy that they stretch your ears :( These are the perfect midpoint so they've quickly become some of my favs!

These are my favorite's from the website

These are called 'Just Lovely' and I like them for obvious reasons...they're just like mine!
These 'Metallic Teardrops' will be so cute with your fav LBD.

These are 'Tropical Sunrise' and are so pretty and will be great for upcoming spring weather.

These 'Medium Sparkle' earrings are super cute for going out and are great for people who don't have their ears pierced. I wear clip-ons even though my ears are pierced so these are def on my wish list.

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